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Toll tracking made simple

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Our Story

The founders come from software, business, and consulting backgrounds. We saw a need and decided to see what we could do about it. One thing led to another, and we now partner with dealerships across the US to address toll management needs.

Our Vision

To help provide a simple, transparent, and hassle free toll management system for your fleet.


We provide a web-based software with near real-time toll tracking. No installation needed!

Who are we

How it works


tollaid works hard in the background so you don't have to

It tracks all tolls related to your dealership across different fleets, employees, and business scenarios .

We provide the capability to match your internal nomenclature for easier accounting, and snapshot reports to help management understand, measure, and improve 



Work smarter, faster, not harder

Our innovative architecture and platform lets you instantly view toll information based on set criteria (e.g. date) or custom ones (yes, we can customize things for you!).

Once a customer contract has been closed, a receipt is generated  and the customer's card on file is charged.

How it works
Intelligent Reporting

We provide you with live on-demand reporting supporting your operational goals

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Request demo

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Tel: 512-766-TOLL

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